iAwards honouring Australian finest ICT innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals

Categories: Applications Tools & Platforms, Financial, Industrial & Resources

Industry Domain iAwards recognise excellent innovation in the application of ICT in a number of vertical markets including tools for the management or creation of hardware and software infrastructure that span broad technology platforms delivering productivity improvements.

The span of solutions within this Domain is broad including but not limited to robots in advanced manufacturing, ICT systems that power cities and underpin financial institutions, mining exploration and systems that drive stable and efficient platforms for all sectors of business and industry. 

Such Australian ICT developments are at the cutting edge of world innovation processes, systems and operation procedures which are now widely utilised internationally to increase productivity and output while maintaining sustainable and ethical practices.

All categories in this Domain are judged using the same criteria, detailed at the end of this page.
Nomination fees: $300 (+GST) per entry.

Applications, Tools & Platforms

Includes Management systems, middleware, integration, reporting and platforms.

The integration of existing legacy systems with state of the art technologies hosted on both on premise and cloud infrastructure are critical in enabling big data (encompassing data analytics and business intelligence reporting) and mobility to flourish.  This ensures systems reliably deliver functionality required by business.

The challenge for innovators is to try to foresee what business may need and develop the tools and infrastructure to enable these business demands to be met in real time but within the pragmatic constraints of budget and practicality.

Applications, Tools and Platforms are ICT solutions that enable the management or creation of hardware or software infrastructure and platforms that are integral to the success of providing stable and efficient environments on which to build efficient operating platforms for all sectors of business, industry and personal life.

Financial Category

Banking, finance and Insurance.

The application of ICT in the financial sector is critical to the success of organisations within it, and to giving them a business edge in this highly competitive market.  Central to this is the ability to apply innovation that meets the demands of the community for access and security, while also satisfying business imperatives and stringent government regulations.
The commercial financial market is truly global and processes and systems need ICT solutions to ensure they can compete in real time across international boundaries and regulatory systems.


Industrial & Resources Category

Australia has a vibrant resources and industrial sector, where industries such as mining, oil and gas exploration, manufacturing, construction, transport and utilities have benefited from extensive productivity improvements due to these sectors embracing technologies to optimise processes, reduce costs and to develop new product offerings in each of their respective fields.

This category has a strong focus on solution that demonstrate next generation improvements in productivity in the fields of automation and integration of systems and processes.  Digital productivity is core to this vision, dealing with large and complex data sets, extracting knowledge from data, building intelligent systems.  This category has a strong focus on proven solutions that are being adopted by these key industry sectors. For example, the development of mining, oil and gas software and equipment; scientific analysis; exploration assessment technology; processing technology; environmental services; supply chain and ERP.


Criteria and Attributes

Entries in the Industry Domain will be judges according to the following criteria:

Functionalities / Features

User Requirements The features of the project / product / solution: fulfil all user requirements; show good evidence of customer implementation; empower most users to accomplish their tasks easily and efficiently; and are designed to provide scalability and expandability for changing technologies and approaches.
Compatibility / Interoperability / Security The product is compatible and interoperable with most of the other systems in the market, easy to maintain and fulfils all the basic user requirements for a secured system.


Market Share & Potential The project / product / solution has: an established share in the domestic market; identified potential in regional and/or international markets; a clear project / product / solution growth path (i.e., is likely to evolve into diversified project / product / solution addressing different user needs); and the potential to claim existing market share from competing project / product / solutions.
Business & Financial Model / Strategy The project / product / solution positioning and marketing demonstrates defined and realistic business and financial management strategies.

Quality / Application of Technology

Content & Standards The project / product / solution: deploys the latest technologies; satisfies CMM/ISO standards; provides some degree of compliance with target usage requirements; and/or has won awards locally, regionally and/or internationally.
Stability & Reliability The project / product / solution has proven to be consistently stable and reliable with end-users.


Technologies & Innovation The project / product / solution demonstrates a high level of creativity in deploying appropriate technologies to develop the project / product / solution a strong mix of functions and features, and a focus on customer needs.
Trend Setting The project / product / solution delivers the capability to solve a specific problem in the Australian environment and there is no similar project / product / solution in the Asia Pacific market.

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